Anta Boosts the Morale of China’s Olympic Teams with a New Ad Campaign “Go Surprise Yourself” / 安踏开启“去打破”奥运传播 助中国军团全新一代出征里约 Posted on

What keeps our planet moving / 推动这个世界永不止步的

Is not the sun from yesterday /不是昨天的太阳

But the new generation /  而是我们这一代

The stage of Rio is waiting / 里约的舞台,就等我们登台

After four years the Olympic games will return again this summer. Anta and MullenLowe China will launch a new ad campaign “Go Surprise Yourself” for China Olympic teams’ show in Rio.

It needs no more word to describe the importance of the Olympic games to sportsmen and sportswomen. The Rio Olympics means more to Chinese sport. As a shining stage, it will present the new generation of China sport stars, who will inherit their idols’ mission of winning glory for the nation, and break the golden generation’s records. As the official partner of the China Olympic Committee, Anta will provide powerful support to 24 China Olympic teams, fight by their side and share the winners’ glory.

“Shining in a competition is the result of a group effort. Those former sport stars once fought with their team and created a golden time. But each era needs new heroes. At the Rio Olympics in 2016, the young generation is destined to surprise everyone. So we focus on the young generation. Confident, driven and diligent, they will form a whole new team. This will happen to the whole new generation, not only in sports. We believe the young will keep moving, and China will as well.” Baiping Shen, Chief Strategy Officer of MullenLowe China said.

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 “Our idea is created on a macro scale. The sun differs every day, and idols change in different eras. The sports new generation proudly makes an announcement that they will salute their idols by breaking old records and excelling them. That’s why we use exploding colored powder to show the tension and visualize the courage of the young generation.” said Iris Liu, Creative Director of MullenLowe China.

Major Zhu, Head of Marketing of Anta said: “For a sports brand, there is no bigger stage than the Olympics. We once struggled about the idea: to picture the winners’ past glory or develop a new angle. In the end, we decided to talk about the young generation of Chinese sports. However, new faces do not necessarily mean a lack of experience, sense of responsibility or faith. We appreciate their drive, the confidence and even their recklessness. Anta will stand with the new generation and witness them surprise all and create new legends. Keep moving!”

The “Go Surprise Yourself” campaign will be conducted during the Olympics, through print ads, TV commercials, video websites and shop exposition.


四年轮回,奥运又至, 安踏携手睿狮广告传播(MullenLowe China)发布了为中国奥运军团新一代推出里约战歌——“去打破”(Go Surprise Yourself)创意活动。



睿狮广告传播首席策略长沈柏屏认为:“任何运动项目的辉煌都需要一群人的努力, 昨天的体坛巨星都曾和他们的团队一起,为他们的项目创造过黄金时代。但每个时代都需要新一代,2016年的里约奥运,将是小将登场、新人出头的一届。因此,我们将此次传播的重点投射在新一代身上,他们的自信、欲望和汗水,将造就一个全新的中国队。同时,他们也是当下中国新生代的缩影,我们相信:新生代永不止步,中国永不止步。”