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Lowe China Awarded Creative Duties for 360

Lowe China is pleased to announce that it has won 360’s creative duty in China, which is the brand’s first cooperation with a 4A creative agency.

360 is a leading provider for Internet security product and service in China. The two core products are 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus, which have won wide acknowledgement in the industry. With the evolution of Internet technology, 360 takes a new direction on intellectual hardware, which will not only work as a safeguard of daily life, but building emotional connection between people.

Lowe China is selected to build a new brand image to fit 360’s business transition. Lowe Beijing office will provide creative ideas and visual works to support the brands’ integrated marketing campaigns.

Yu Guangdong, Senior Vice President of 360 mentioned, “ For a long time, we are famous for the innovative service and product, and has won a group of loyal consumers. We hope the cooperation may leverage Lowe’s well-known creativity and professionalism, and become a drive for 360’s performance in global market.”

Fanny Yum, Managing Director of Lowe China said,”360 is a leading brand in China’s Internet industry. We will well perform the role of ‘brand master’ and create good works with effectiveness for client’s product family.”