Lowe China and 360 Brings Safe Experience to life Posted on

“You know that a kid was kidnapped at the park close to his home.”

“It is reported that an old woman wronged the accident on the child who helped her up.”

“The news says someone in that building was robbed at home when opening the door for a package delivery.”

Ever since smart phones being a necessity of daily life, everybody has been used to social news like the above. We repost it, for gossiping and with a relief of “not happening on me”. How could we find a life with more safety? The latest brand video from the famous Internet security provider 360 defines: the insecurity from our heart is driven by a care for our beloved ones. 360 makes an unstopped exploration on technology and science to protect our families, so that to realize the security in life.

The first of brand video trilogy, produced by the well-known director Jia Zhangke, told a story between mom and her daughter. On the girl’s way back home, mom was able to track her with 360 Children, though the girl was late and lingering for helping others. The video showed how parents gained the security sense with 360 technology.

The new brand trilogy will leverage products like 360 Children Watch, Smart Camera and Dashcam (dashboard camera) to convey the brand message that 360 is effective in bringing safe life and sense of security to people. The video will be online through social media, online video Popup window and pre-movie adverts.

”This is the first work that Lowe China produces for 360 and the latter’s first attempt at brand movies.” Fanny Yum, Managing Director of Lowe China said: ”the new movie focuses on the emotional bonding of brand and consumers, hoping more people will recognize 360 who protects love with technology.”