Lowe China and Guerlain celebrate the spirit of the modern woman for the Imperial Women Campaign Posted on

For around two hundred years, Guerlain has pursued its aesthetic exploration, society engagement, and sustainable development. For the tenth anniversary of Orchidée Impériale, Lowe China and Guerlain have launched the Imperial Women campaign, focused on Guerlain’s resonance with the values and spirit of the modern woman.

The campaign highlights pioneers in thought and action. Today, countless women are shaping their own lives in a way that positively impacts the wider world. These women are principled, selflessly devoting themselves to bettering our world. The sense of mission that lies deep within each of them shows us just how good a place our world can be.

The short film creates a dialogue between the stories of two notable women. Li Minguo talks about the 15 years she spent protecting the rainforest in southwest China. “I believe that by saving even one species in an ecosystem, we may have saved a part of humanity.” Through her position in the media, Yang Lan has taken on the role of the observer, in order to convey important values to the public. Their selfless spirits best represent how women are taking responsibility in society and working for a better world. This is precisely the spirit that the Guerlain woman evinces.

Shirley Tai, General Manager of Guerlain China said, “Yang Lan and Li Minguo are very accomplished in their respective fields. Their devotion to the world and society complements Guerlain’s focus on women and nature. We hope the campaign will inspire more modern women to reach their goals and make their mark on the world.”

Guerlain- Imperial Women