Chinese ultra-marathon runner Chen Penbin attempts to break a Guinness World Record by finishing a marathon everyday for 100 days continuously from April 2nd to July 10th. This is also his way of showing support to Beijing bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. “Challenge100”, a pair of specially designed running shoes by ANTA, the Chinese leading sportswear brand, will run with him.

ANTA also launched a new campaign “Run with Me” calling consumers to run with Chen Penbin. The campaign, created by Lowe China, includes TVC, online video, social communications and in store activations.

A three-minute “Run with Me” online video will be launched on (, Letv and Youku. 15 second TVC will also be on air on CCTV, Chongqing TV and Guangdong TV. By telling Chen’s story of growing into a world famous ultra-marathon athlete from a village fisherman, ANTA tries to encourage consumers in tier 2-4 cities of China to run in ANTA footwear, and also to raise ANTA’S brand awareness in the running shoes market.

Lowe China also created several more 15-second TVCs to be broadcasted during Chen’s 100 day running later, to built the professional image of ANTA running shoes by highlighting their technology and functional features.