Buick Verano believes what carves in our memory would be the roar of wind in the ears and the urge to run in our blood, no matter whether we run with a clear end point or not.

In order to better introduce Verano’s features and excellent performance to consumers, Lowe China has designed a series of creative activities themed “Born to Run”. Sean Hung, Planning Director of Lowe China, says:“Verano is the mid-range sports sedan that Buick presents to the young elites. Exquisite and agile performances would provide consumers impressive and unique driving experience, and meanwhile lithe and stylish design satisfy their pursuit for fashion. Not only does the theme ‘Born to Run’ embody the genes and talents of Verano sports sedan, it also echoes with new elites’ positive life attitudes. Those who enjoy speed and control will agree more on the value of ‘Born to Run’.”

“Born to Run” has won a Gold on Times Awards (Taiwan) in December, 2015.