Who says car advertising must be a thirty-second TV commercial? Who says car advertising must show a car running around? Who says car advertising cannot break rules?

Lowe China’s Shanghai General Motors Buick Regal GS new campaign has broken all rules. It is an action driven campaign advocating modern men and women to take off their business armor to reveal their true colors. The campaign title is #JACKET OFF# Reveal the GS in your heart! – a flash mob of world-class street dance to express the inner self of every Chinese white collar of today.

“Our target audience are elites around 30 years of age, married with kid but stylish and fashionable,” said Loca Yuan, Business Director at Lowe China. “Buick GS not only satisfies their needs for work and domestic use as a sedan, but also gives them the driving pleasure they are looking for. It is a true expression of their practical and emotional needs.”

Leo Liao, Senior Creative Director at Lowe China discovered that as our target audience are contented to live within the establishment, their ambition is being tamed. Complacent in what they already have in the materialistic comfort, they are losing that internal will power and self-expression. So Leo wants to advocate the big idea that in every white collar, there is a wild heart, the heart of GS. He wants to “encourage our target to take off their jacket, their uniform within the organization, and to reveal the power and energy within.”

In terms of execution, Leo does not want to tie Buick GS down to traditional TVC and print. He created a dance routine to tell the story of how powerful a person’s heart can be. And the dance was launched first in street flash mob events in Beijing (Financial Street) and Shanghai (Global Harbour) locations where white collars congregate. Those who were there were mesmerized by the dance, the energy and the message. Those who were not there are now enjoying the same spirit through the widespread viral video of the events.

Kitty Lun, Chairman/CEO of Lowe China share her heart-felt thought, “I really have to thank the openness and insightfulness of our client. They spot a great idea when they see it, which allows us to embark on another breakthrough in car advertising.”

“Jacket Off” Campaign has won China Effie Gold 2015.