Qinyuan Summer Sales O2O Campaign


The Summary Statement

Qinyuan is a local Chinese brand of water purifier that has been around for 20 years. They have not evolved with time as more competitors have entered the market, slowly losing market share to new brands. With a roadshow planned across 34 key cities in China, we were tasked to create interest with younger, potential buyers and get them excited about the brand and products enough to head over to the event near them.

Campaign Strategy

Water purifiers fight against an invisible foe, germs, and since every glass of water looks clean, consumer interest in water purification is high only when a problem is reported in the news. We had to create that level of awareness without having a water scare on the news. We had to make the invisible, VISIBLE and on the mind of our drinkers.

Campaign Concept

Germ Rap Battle – Making our fight with germs more visible and louder through a Rap battle between Qinyuan products and germs, who now not only have a visible form, but also a rap persona.

Campaign Execution

We leveraged a viral trend, starting from a reality TV show, “Rap In China”. Writing lyrics that educated on water contaminants, paired with a rap battle animation video. Finding our audiences using location-based targeted ads in TouTiao, China’s #1 News Portal app, WeChat moments and mobile programmatic buys, ending the experience with eVouchers redeemable at the local.

Campaign Results

Within just one month of the launch and just 600,000RMB spent in programmatic buys, we had 626,230 site views recorded and 5,624 vouchers distributed, resulting in 55,656,000 RMB in total sales at the events.